Charles Johnson, Gary Chartier, Steven Horwitz, Sheldon Richman, and Roderick Long at APEE's Free-Market Anti-Capitalism panel in Las Vegas, 13 April 2010


Please Pass the Verstehen

February 2, 2010

HT Stephen Landsburg.

Hollywood Blacklist

January 24, 2010

In the morning, I’ll be heading to the 2nd Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair. I’ll be at the ALL table with Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson, Gary Chartier, Sam Resnick, and Nick Forbes. For those going, I hope I’ll see you there.

I don’t normally post things just for the sake of humor but this was sufficiently dark to warrant an exception.

I am a fan of the NFL on Facebook and today “NFL” posted a link to a video about QB Steve McNair’s recent murder. The post’s byline read (only visible on the Facebook feed, unfortunately): senior columnist Thomas George was granted rare access to Steve McNair during the quarterback’s time in college at Alcorn State. Here are his thoughts on McNair’s tragic passing.

I think that it’s just a little crass to take a dig at McNair’s playing ability so soon after his death.

So, if you haven’t heard, the state wants to tell you to stick your preference for flavored tobacco in your pipe and smoke it. Round up all the (now extra, extra) pissed-off goth kids you know and get them to become agorists (they already have the uniform). Counter-economy anyone?

The following video footage captures a Spooky Kid, undoubtedly with contraband clove cigarettes hidden somewhere in his (what is that? vinyl) white jumpsuit thingy, running from the cops. This could just as easily be you:

Leading By Example

May 8, 2009

I have thirty-eight brains and not one of them thinks you can sign a contract to be a slave, especially now that we have a black President.

These were the words of Eliza Dushku’s character Echo in “Omega”, the season one finale of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.

Especially now? Does she mean that especially now that Barack Obama is POTUS, the argument against voluntary slavery is somehow more convincing? If so, I think I’ve been too hard on Obama. If he is capable, simply by assuming power, to make liberty more convincing, perhaps we shouldn’t protest too much. Give him a few more years and we might not have to convince anyone of the obviousness of anarchy.

[And, Joss, you just lost major geek points for throwing in an awkward “We [sic] Won [sic]” shoutout to the Hollywood Messiah.]


January 23, 2009

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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