July 21, 2010

So this man took the initiative to “establish property rights to abandoned land through [his] own sweat equity,” offered a service to willing customers, got rid of an eyesore, and hurt no one? And the response of the state is to call him a “transient” and put him in jail? (CHT Brad Spangler)

Why shouldn’t I take the message to be “We will not tolerate it when ‘poor people do the things that poor people naturally do, and always have done, to scratch by.’“? It’s almost like they want poverty, isn’t it?

Oh, and if you’re already an anarchist and you don’t grok why what this man did was OK, you don’t grok anarchism. I’ll take my licks.


So, if you haven’t heard, the state wants to tell you to stick your preference for flavored tobacco in your pipe and smoke it. Round up all the (now extra, extra) pissed-off goth kids you know and get them to become agorists (they already have the uniform). Counter-economy anyone?

The following video footage captures a Spooky Kid, undoubtedly with contraband clove cigarettes hidden somewhere in his (what is that? vinyl) white jumpsuit thingy, running from the cops. This could just as easily be you: