Green Police

February 7, 2010

Am I the only one who finds this a little too close to reality to be funny? That I can see this being a not too distant future is pretty frightening. Why not? It’s pretty much the way the state approaches everything for the “greater good.”

Of course, the message doesn’t seem to involve any question about the legitimacy of such an approach. Just buy an Audi and you will have nothing to fear! The rest of you deserve what you get.


8 Responses to “Green Police”

  1. Danny Says:

    Yea, I didn’t like this commercial at all. It made me feel all sorts of upset and uncomfortable. Not the way to get me in the buyin’ mood…

  2. Danny Says:

    Also, is that a tamandua?

    Or actually, since it is a tamandua: Why is do the green police use a tamandua to sniff cars?

  3. Neverfox Says:

    It is indeed some type of anteater. As for why, I can’t say. Probably an inside joke. Last time I checked, anteaters were not a symbol of green politics.

  4. Danny Says:

    Maybe it’s a UC Irvine joke?

  5. I was sort of overwhelmed by the layers of opportunism here. The mix of green marketing and green scare propaganda is ultimately pretty incoherent, but still…

  6. Superdog Says:

    Yeah, I found that commercial really creepy, and in very bad taste. My wife had the same thought.

  7. James Says:

    Yeah that was a little too plausible to be funny.

    “Why is do the green police use a tamandua to sniff cars?”

    I imagine to create tamandua training jobs.

  8. Lare Says:

    Yes, the point of the ad was: “Buy our car, and you can comply with the Nazis instead of resisting them.”

    I am amazed that some (illiterate?) commentators are referring to this ad as a “satire.” This ad is NOT a satire. A satire, by definition, attacks something of which the author strongly disapproves.

    In this case, Audi’s own web page on the Green Police makes very clear that Audi totally supports, agrees with, and encourages the entire Green movement around the globe. Yes, the Germany-based Audi says, the ad is a playful “caricature” (for now), and the Nazi Gruene Polizei (Green Police) are “humorous,” but we should all “embrace” the Green movement anyway.

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