January 28, 2010

Talk to the window manufacturer in Philadelphia who said he used to be skeptical about the Recovery Act, until he had to add two more work shifts just because of the business it created.

President Barack Obama, State of the Union speech, 01/27/2010

Many people (I imagine) will be quick to accuse the Prez of hiding the truth beneath layers and layers of rhetoric in his speech. I think they are being unfair. Who else commits the Broken Window Fallacy by actually talking about broken windows? Say what you will, but he’s no obscurantist.

2 Responses to “Smashmouth”

  1. Marge Twain Says:

    This is funny. I was watching this last night and picturing the Mad Libs form they use to come up with these imaginary characters.

  2. James Says:


    Yes we can!

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