For Emma, Forever Ago

June 28, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Emma Goldman.

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman


Stephan Kinsella:

Even if private property owners were not prohibited from inviting whomever they wish onto their own property, the guest would have a hard time getting there, or leaving, without using, say, the public roads. So merely prohibiting non-citizens from using public property would be one means of establishing de facto immigration restrictions. It need not literally prohibit private property owners from having illegal immigrants on their property. It need only prevent them from using the roads or ports – which it owns.

Note: the above quotation and link is not intended as a claim that Stephan ultimately supports state immigration laws or closed border (see comments) but to compare the argument he describes in light of other considerations.

Roderick Long (mp3):

Suppose that you homestead an area like this [draws square] and then I come along and homestead an area like this [draw a larger, concentric square]. You want to leave your property now. And I say, “Sorry. Unless you have a helicopter or something, you’re not leaving; or at least you’re not leaving unless you pay me a heck of a lot” or whatever. Is that legitimate? I would say no, I don’t have the right to interfere with your coming and going and so I have to allow you some form of getting onto and off of your land. In law, this is known as an easement.

It seems to me that if you hold the latter to be the right position then it would be difficult to hold the former position without some creative juggling. Read the rest of this entry »

So, if you haven’t heard, the state wants to tell you to stick your preference for flavored tobacco in your pipe and smoke it. Round up all the (now extra, extra) pissed-off goth kids you know and get them to become agorists (they already have the uniform). Counter-economy anyone?

The following video footage captures a Spooky Kid, undoubtedly with contraband clove cigarettes hidden somewhere in his (what is that? vinyl) white jumpsuit thingy, running from the cops. This could just as easily be you: