Paper Bags

March 1, 2009

The following is my “blog intro” submission to LeftLiberty #1:

Others offer you the spectacle of genius wresting Nature’s secrets from her, and unfolding before you her sublime messages; you will find here only a series of experiments upon justice and right a sort of verification of the weights and measures of your conscience. The operations shall be conducted under your very eyes; and you shall weigh the result.

– P.J. Proudhon, What is Property?

Instead of a blog, being much too busy to write one, I am trying to wrestle out of the paper bag of, as Shawn Wilbur put it, “defending a poorly defined territory against equally ill-defined invaders”. If I succeed in breaking out, it will be through systematic thinking about the topics that interest me: property and contracts, labor-management, non-state forms of oppression, autonomy-respecting assistance and development, the foundations of ethics, law, reciprocity and immanent justice. If we succeed in breaking out as an alliance, it will be because we have chosen the harsh, critical light over the safe darkness of our canards and herrings; we will have found our conatus.


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