Already Worth Half What I Paid For It

December 10, 2008

And I didn’t pay a cent.

I shall call it Instead of a Blog: By a Man Too Busy to Write One.

There you go. It’s done. The first post is out of the way. The once unblemished site, like a new book finally cracked, has been sullied, marked, tussled about. I’ve driven it off the lot. I’ve mixed my labor with it. Opened items cannot be returned.

Here goes nothing…

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5 Responses to “Already Worth Half What I Paid For It”

  1. Clickredheels Says:

    I love this style of Romanesque writing! I miss having YOU in class and getting to read your wild-ass writings that entertained, educated, and made me a better person! Keep it up!

  2. You mixed your labour in it, now you can’t return it! All claims of ownership are final!

  3. Cork Says:

    Awesome blog name! Look forward to reading your schtuff.

  4. Gary Chartier Says:

    Great Ken MacLeod quote–which says it all very succinctly. Keep up the good work!

  5. Cool stuff.

    I hate to tell you this though, there’s already a blog called “Instead of A Blog”, but it’s not active anymore. So yeah. :P

    Anyway, I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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